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Hello beautifull,
Today i'm back bringing you about Clarity Event : Skin VS Diamond by Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and Supported by Frank & Co Jewellery held in Miracle Clinic Kertajaya Indah Surabaya on 28th feb 2015

Before the event report written , I will thank first to Mindy Tedja from #Pinkandundecided who bring me to join on this event. Ce Mindy "I called her" get the very exclusive invitation From Jennie as a Miracle's Corporate Marketing and Jennie let her bringing 2 person and i'm so happybecause Ce Mindy can Bring me to Join on this event
 . So , thank to jennie who let me join on this event too

Let's take a look on the event ,

First came we have to register at the registration desk.

Ce Pauline Nugraha from #Pinkandundecided doing registration

There is Skyn Analysis too! spot Tiffany face on screen.

The stage with some jewels as a decoration . Superrbbbb Pretty right?

 The event began with greetings from MC , she introduce us to the Dr. Kismed Denhas

Dr. Kizmed started introduce him self to us. then Dr. Kizmed asked " Is the beautifull skin always should be white?
The answer is NO

Beautifull Skin is a Healthy Skin

But in fact many indonesian people thinking that a beautifull skin is a white skin . its a wrong perception ! Really, did u ever see a person that have a tan / medium skin  . I called them exotic like Farah Queen as a  example. she have a beautifull skin because her skin is healthy ,right?
Who is AGREE ? Puts your hands up

Dr kismed said "Same with diamond , skin must also be brightly shining . The meaning of Healthy Skin here is Clean, NO Acne and blackheads, spots , Flecks and Other problems"
Also explained about some of the treatments that can be done to overcome of skin problems such as peeling, laser, injection and cream program.

Skin problem are common in indonesian is Sagging, Acne and Pigmentation.

Every people will definitely grow old but this process can be slow down so that aging doesn't happen fast.

Then how to resolve ?
- Knowing the problem
- Consultation at the doctor
- Do the treatment
and the last is
- Lifestyle modification

Many things can do to get a beautifull skin. like a therapy combination.

Whitening injection is a Injecting a vitamin C and Antioxidant.
Durability body function and repair body cells. Then Brighten and refine skin

The function of PEELING
- Brighten
- Minimize pore
- Acne and spots
- Mark
- Wrinkles
- Rough skin texture

Function is ;
- Brightening skin
- Minimize flecks
- Wrinkles
- Rough skin
- Blood vessels

- Rejuvenate skin
- Brighten your skin
- Reduce wrinkles
- Moisture your skin
- Has antioxidant and peptide

From #Pinkandundecided Blog

- Working out regularly
- Have a good balance between working and resting time
- Avoid smooking & Alcohol
- Consume fresh fruit and vegetables
- Treatment your skin regularly
- Positive thinking
- Handle stress and Live happily

Make your skin shining like a diamond

After Dr Kismed had finished all of his presentation.
Now , lets say hi to Ms. Devi Chayadi as a GIA Gemalogist from Frank & Co Jewellery

First presentation Ms. Devi introduce us to the historical of Diamond and story behind it

In this Talkshow Ms. Devi Chayadi ftom Frank &Co Introduces the basic determining factor concerning about Diamond quality

It's called 4 C's

- Cut
- Color
- Clarity
- Carat

Remember that Diamond carat is using C Not K , so Carat not Karat in indonesian language . Karat is for gold only

Which one is most beautifull, pick one please

The rarest diamond color is red, and most expensive color too.

from #Pinkandundecided blog

From #Pinkandundecided blog

From #Pinkandundecided blog

From #Pinkandundecided blog

From #Pinkandundecided blog

From #Pinkandundecided Blog
Rapaport is show the latest price guidelines , So if u want to buy diamond . Go ask for the latest Rapaport.

From #Pinkandundecided blog

From #Pinkandundecided blog

Ms. Devi Chayadi show us to Diamond Magnifier

Take a closer look

Took a while to geeting used to adjusting the focus

Ce Mindy and Ce Pauline try to look closer using diamond magnifier

After all presentation finished it's turn on Hi- Tea Time

From Miracle Facebook

 , Now it was time for doorprize

This lady get  gift from Miracle

Last but not least , For the big one  for the a pendant from Frank & Co drew by Ms. Devi Chayadi

You guys have to proud and give a big applause to Ce Pauline Nugraha from #Pinkandundecided 
She won the pendant, Yeayyy
Congratulations ce! 

Goodie Bag
This is what i got from the goodie bag, but unfortunately I'm not getting the manicure set as the invitation written. but it's okay for me . I think maybe in every goodie bag the content is not the same


Thank You Ce Mindy , Thank You Jennie , Thank You Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and Frank & Co Jewellery for having us . Hope to see you again in other event

From #pinkandundecided blog

From Miracle Facebook

Thanks for reading and enjoying my blog
Have a good day , and see you on my next post

Much love,

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