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Hey cutie ladies , Take a look for a while for this superr cutiee hand cream.
This cream is a part a gift that i got from my bestfriend at office. and i confident enough to share this hand cream and review it to you all
No more intermezzo and let's read together to find out...

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So cute isn't it ??
The outer cardboard packaging has been made with 100% recycled paper and the prints have been done with soy ink.

The Etude House Hand Cream- Eagle owl is a tiny tub of cream contained in a plastic container. The packaging is just adorable. I loved the design of this hand cream. Seriously,
but if you fall down this plastic container i think it will shattered to a pieces

The cream it's look a body butter alike and the Fragrance it smells light, floral and slightly cherry-like.

Consistency and color: 
This cream is actually white in color and is watery and creamy in consistency. It is not at all heavy in texture and feels very light on the hands too. It gets absorbed into the skin pretty fast.

Product Description: 
 Hi! I'm Eagle Owl, the bright night bird! I like to hunt during night time, with my big eyes lit as headlights. I am in danger of extinction, because hunting has become so difficult in bright city lights. Please help me to fly freely again!


(+) Super cutie packaging and i love it
(+) Have a light floral fragrance
(+) Does not feel greasy at all 
(+) Get absorb pretty fast
(+) Keep the hands soft and moist
(+) Outer carton made with 100% recycled paper


(-) Fragrance does not linger on

I highly recommend this hand cream for all of you that really like to collect a cuttie stuff . but if you looking for hand cream that really want your hands moist and soft you can buy body butter it complete at all

Thanks for reading my blog and see you on my next post

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