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Liebster Awards 

Hi, Fabulous ladies!
BIG THANKS to Amanda Anandita yang udah menjadikan blog saya sebagai salah satu nominasi Liebster Award, You Really Made My Day !! . Padahal blog saya ini masih sangat baru. So Happy. I will do even better in the next time! Semoga bisa tambah semangat buat posting di blog :)

Awalnya saya sama sekali ga tau "Liebster Award" itu apa. Setelah membaca penjelasannya di Google, ternyata Liebster Award itu adalah award yang diberikan pada blog yang followersnya kurang dari 200 followers.
Tujuannya adalah agar saling mengenal antara sesama Blogger . So Happyyyyy!

Rulesnya Adalah........

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog.
  2. Display the award on your blog ( just like I did above)
  3. Answer 11 question about yourself, which will be provided to yo bu the person who nominated you
  4. provide 11 random facts about yourself
  5. nominate 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve the award ( who has a less than 200 followers)
  6. Create a new list of questions for the blogger to answer
  7. list these rules in your post ( you can copy and paste from here)
  8. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it (because they might not have ever heard of it)

And here the Questions from Manda

                    Tell me what is your biggest dream?  

     My Biggest Dream is being MUA (MakeUp Artist), an Expert Trader and Bussineswoman  

                        Red lipstick or orange lipstick?

     Red Lipstick Absolutely!!  Red Lipstick Showing a Woman's Sexiness, Passionate, Optimistic, and High Confident!

                     Who are your beauty icon for all of time

     My Mother is my beauty icon for all the whole of my life 

                               Have you been bullied?

     Yes I Have, When I was a kid !! It's so long time ago 

              What / who inspired you to become a beauty blogger?

     Sasyachi Beauty Blogger yang sudah sangat terkenal ini yang membuat saya ingin sekali mengikuti jejaknya menjadi seorang Beauty Blogger. I'am her BIG BIG FANS!!

                     What is your favorite beauty items and why?

     Eyeliner!! Because without Eyeliner, My eyes so sleepy and Ugly 

                         Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence?

     Jennifer Lawrence !!

            Who is your favorite fashion guru? Blogger or celebrities or anyone inspired you in fashion

    Indonesian Artist! Such as Tyas Mirasih, Syahrini, Bunga Zaenal etc! *pls do not Throw up :D

           Wearing a high brandproducts but “KW” or wearing original product but non-high-brand?

     Wearing original product but non-high-brand? Love the original product exactly!!

          What is your most shoes do you have? Flat, sandal, wedges, or stiletto?

     Flat and Wedges ! Because i have a big body so i must using shoes that comfortable for my body too! LOL

                                         What is your bad habbit? 

     I always sleep without using underwear at the night and i really like eat snacks :D

11 Random Facts about me :

           1. I can't go without my eyeliner and  drawing my eyebrow . it's kinda look pale, not fresh at all


           2. I Really look hanging out , just hanging out or go eating or anything i can do till drop :D

           3. I can't using high heels . i prefer go out with flat shoes or wedges . more interesting if i use sandals . hehehe

           4. I can't go out without Parfume, because parfume is my identity . make a high confidence . you know what ?? although different person using same parfum but the smell was TOTALLY DIFFERENT ! Why ??!! Because the "Pheromone" issued by our sweat make it not same .

           5. I like using Skirt . it's look like feminine . love skirt so much ! Actually not only is it . i like skirt because i can't using pants or denim. my body is bad !!

           6. I always drink a lot of water

           7. I love stalking Sasyachi Blog

           8. I love my mom so much ! she is angel for my life . love u mom :*

           9. I'am Single :D hahaha it's not a promotions . Really :D :D

          10. I'am Allergic for something dirty , Dust etc something Dirty!!

          11. I Hate Fly Cocroaches !! Disgusting so much !!!


And here's my nominated for the Liebster Awards . If there is nominated before so sorry , That's my bad :(






Then this is my Questions for all of you guys.....

 1.  What is your biggest hope in life ?
 2.  BoyFriend or Best Friend ?
 3. What's must item in your bag ?
 4. Eyeliner or Lipstick ?
 5. Beauty Blogger or MakeUp Artist? Why ??
 6. Who your favourite Beauty Blogger ?
 7. Challenge MakeUp or Review ?
 8. How expert you in drawing your eyebrow?
 9. Softlens , Yeay or Nay ? What a colour ?
10. Are you expert in shading your nose ? tell me how ??
11. What you really wanna do to post your make up tutorial ?

It's Very Fun and  draining having to devote more time to make it , ahaha but it's okay . So much another fun . make it your own girl's.

Please tell me if you done make about the Liebster Award, I'm sure I will go to your blog as soon as I can .

One Against thank to Amanda Anandita  You Really really make my day !!

Stay Beautiful , Fabulous ladies


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  1. waaaaaaaa terima kasih nessya buat nominasinya. aku senang sekali. nanti kalo udah aku post, aku balik kesini lg kasi link nya :D
    btw salam kenal yaa, aku juga suka red lipstik ;)

    1. Haii Ika , Toast duluuu . hehehe ditunggu yaaaaa post nya :)

    2. hai nessya, here the answer :D

  2. Glad to be the nominee,,thank you...
    I'll get it done soon...
    Salam kenal yah..

    1. Salam kenal kembali Tyas , I'll be wait . thank you :)

  3. this is the answer
    thankyou so much dear


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